Louis Vaughn (born November 21, 1992) is an American recording artist and iProducer from Northridge, California. Born to legendary west coast rapper, J-Ro(of Tha Alkaholiks), and renowned oil painting artist, Michou Vital, Louis Vaughn has a deep appreciation for the arts. Exuding the best of the two worlds he was birthed into, Louis incorporates his mother's abstract vision with the witty metaphors of his father when both producing and songwriting.
Before even hitting puberty Louis spent time in the studio with some of Hip-Hop's most respected names like Xzibit, Kurupt, King T, DJ Quik and Tha Alkaholiks just to name a few. Having soaked up so much knowledge and insight on Hip-Hop from the words of his early mentors, it was no fantasy to Louis Vaughn that becoming a world-famous rapper was well within reach. 
By the age of 18, Louis Vaughn had already coordinated tours alongside professional road managers, directed on-stage lighting production, managed set-list and planned events for entertainers. With this perspective on how a professional tour should be ran and how to prevent mistakes on the road as well as adapt to them, Louis now incorporates his early experiences into his own show business.
At only 20 years old, Louis released his first EP "Request For Goods" through his own publishing company POETICSNAPS. He cleverly rhymed over Madlib's "Whenimondamic" instrumental paying homage to his Likwit Crew roots. Reviving the classic "Dead Presidents" instrumental, Louis Vaughn proves himself worthy of rhyming alongside the legendary Nas hook. Accompanied by gorgeous visuals in his very first music video, Louis V shares his rise above today's financial burdens that are upon many young adults in America. The project received astounding reviews from the likes of Hip-Hop Pioneers and music lovers of all different genres. Producing three of the eight tracks himself on his freshman release, Louis is now back in the studio producing music for his sophmore free album to be released late 2014.